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Digital Support Systems, LLC.

We encourage physicians to stop their patients from stepping into a traditional, costly and time-consuming casting box, and join DSS to

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Custom-Fit foot supports

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Unlimited Benefits for:

Podiatrists, Orthopedics, Chiropractors Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, and Pedorthists

Eliminate the need for casting and casting boxes

See 50% more patients - only a 2 year amortization

Instantly transmit data for orthotic manufacturing

Easy to use and train any of your office staff

Extra income for your practice


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All of our customers are given a high- quality computer equipped with our state-of-the-art Digital Gait Software using the latest in computerized programming technology. Also provided is our Digi-Pressure Platform providing the most sophisticated single step platform on the market.

Unlimited Uses:

Limb Length Discrepancy, Measure Arch Height, Center of Pressure, Center of Gravity, Body Sway Analysis, Dynamic Gait Curves, Pelvic Imbalances, and much more...

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